Day 4: The Big Camera in August

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Photo post today... Except I had to do client work most of the time I had tonight, and when I went to work on Lightroom-editing my personal photos really quick for this post tonight, I got really discouraged really quickly when I couldn't manage to get my color right for the Lucy session represented by the first image of this post. 

And it reminded me that there is no "really quick" when it comes to managing my personal images... 

Which discouraged me further. 

But then I forced myself to shake it off and do a smaller version of what I'd envisioned this post to be. So instead of OODLES of images, here is a  mere sampling of what my Big Camera did during the month of August 2013. Believe me--- there are dozens more images I cherish, and it kills me to only select one per event... but I am committed to this "blog every day" thing this week, so this is how it has to go down. 

1. Lucy and the Queen Anne's Lace... I finally got the color on this single shot to be what I wanted. I see a LOT of editing work ahead for the rest of this session. *sigh*


2. Noah's "Special Trash" Space Station-- a big end-of-summer hurrah project I'd promised him all summer.

3. Daily Lulu, as opposed to "portrait Lulu". I kinda love it.

4. Noah started kindergarten. He has LOVED it. Lucy insists on wearing her "pack pack" every morning to take Noah to the bus stop. 

5. Coming home on his half-day bus at the end of his first day. 

6. All dolled up for church, and completely unable to pose nicely. And I ended up loving this outtake more than any "perfect" shot I was trying for. I mean, look at Quinn!! 

7. Quinn turned seven months old. I took his pix. I need to edit and blog the rest of them in a dedicated Quinn post. But for now, behold his cuteness in a solo pic. 

It makes me feel relieved to see that I did manage to shoot with my big camera this summer... though my iPhone definitely still bears the brunt of my snapshotting. I'm okay with a mix of both... it fits my life right now. 

Okay. Pic post, as it is, done for tonight.


  1. These pix made me ache to be with you and your family. I love how you capture so many parts of your life and the personalities of everyone (including the photographer) with just one shot. They are all stunning.

  2. I am so glad that I came home to new photos of your adorable kiddos! I just melt every time I see you brilliant work!


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