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Thursday, October 25

For Danielle:

So, let me just show you the good stuff first:

...And then tell you the bad news-- The book will be at least another week, due to technical difficulties. It has really been quite frustrating, but I'll spare your the swear words and grumpiness I have been muttering at my computer. For now, enjoy the BEAUTIFUL photos of you, since you are a knockout!!!

Hope u still like me a little.

(p.s. other readers: I learned a trick for making my photos HUUUUUGGGGE. Is it effective?)


  1. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Mrs. S you rock! You made my senior pictures such a great experiance and im so glad you took them. And of course i still like you! you're the best! <3 Dan P.

  2. How did you make them so big, Share the secret :) Hope you are feeling better sweetie, see you soon I hope.

  3. Yes! What is your trick???
    Great great photos. What amazing color. Man I miss you! CAn we fly you up here to take pics when our baby is born? Oh wait... you'll be a little busy I think. :)

  4. She is such a CUTE girl!! How fun!!!

  5. I love her eyes in the first picture! Wonderful Wonderful

    Yes.... how do you make the pictures so large?